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4 Texture Sets + 10 Text Icons [07 Jun 2009|11:00pm]

I was browsing my photos today and felt like doing something new, so here are some textures. Click on the preview to get to the download (at Mediafire).

Three more setsCollapse )

Also, when I asked for requests, azurejay wanted a text icon and I told him that I suck at them. Then I thought: If I suck, why don't I practice? Then this happened:

10 random text iconsCollapse )

+ Resources can be found here.
+ Comments fill me with glee, concrit is welcome.
+ Credit would be great, but isn't required.
+ Please don't hotlink.
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Icons - Merlin [11 Jan 2009|09:02pm]

Wow, it's been a while! But new(-ish) fandom, new icons, although some bandom ones are in the making as well.

Total mixed bag: 07 x Arthur, 01 x Merlin, 03 x Arthur/Merlin, 03 x Gwen, 03 x Morgana, 02 x Gwen/Morgana, 01x Uther/Morgana, 02x Uther, 01x Nimue, 01 x Arthur+Uther.

25 icons all in allCollapse )

And last, but not least, a community rec: good_tutorial! This is the community I've been waiting for for ages, and there are some really good guides and interesting tutorials posted already. Relatedly, if you ever want a tutorial for something I made, for some reason, just let me know!
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Icons - Panic, CS, TAI, Amanda Palmer, PP, Katy Perry [07 Aug 2008|09:29pm]

Between my new job and enjoying the summer I barely get to open Photoshop anymore, but here are some icons from the last few weeks - 06 x Panic, 04 x Vicky-T on request of honeybearbee, 09 x TAI, 01 x Amanda Palmer, and 03 x Phantom Planet and 05 x Katy Perry on request of keeplistening. Wow, randomness.

28 icons all in allCollapse )

P.S. I also just posted a gradient map tutorial, right over here.
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Tutorial - Gradient Maps [07 Aug 2008|09:23pm]

Gradient maps are one of the quickest and easiest ways to add colour and contrast to an icon. I'm not particularly up-to-date with the latest icon trends, but I haven't seen a good tutorial for their use yet, so here's one. Well, a tutorial - you decide if it's any good. It's relatively detailed, so you should be ok with beginner to medium Photoshop skills.

(Disclaimer: I use these often, but it's completely possible that I don't know as much as I think I do. Additions and corrections are very welcome. Also, excuse any leftover grammatical mistakes, heat has fried my brain.)

01. What are gradient maps and where can I find them?Collapse )

02. What do they do to my icon?Collapse )

03. What else can I do with gradient maps?Collapse )

04. Gradient Maps in ActionCollapse )

Questions, corrections, additions? Please let me know!
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Icons - MCR, Panic, Cobras, Hushies, FOB [23 Apr 2008|01:22pm]

A few nights ago I randomly opened Photoshop, and this is what happened:

10 x MCR, 06 x FOB, 04 x Cobras, 05 x Panic, 05 x Hush SoundCollapse )

I kind of want to open a request post, since I'm in such a Photoshop mood and might need icon breaks from my Sweet Charity project, but knowing my life, I'd probably be swamped with offline work the moment I hit "post". Still, if there's anything you'd really like to have, feel free to request "informally" and I'll see what I can do.
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icons - panic at the disco [06 Apr 2008|10:24pm]

Uhm. I'm not usually all over pictures the minute they surfaced, but I needed an icon of drunk Jon with that quote (That I might not have remembered correctly? Let me know if that's the case!) and suddenly it was half an hour later and I had iconized most of the pics. Oops? Excuse the shitty quality, those pics were a bitch to work with.

24 variationsCollapse )

If anyone desperately needs the remaining pictures iconed, let me know. ;)
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[20 Mar 2008|02:59am]


Sweet Charity

Bidding is now open! You can click on the banner to get to the main page, or if you just know you want to bid on me, click here to go right to my auction page. Once again I'm offering up some custom graphics - a bunch of icons just for you, an LJ layout, or pretty much whatever you want to have done in Photoshop. I can do wallpapers, website layouts, photo retouching, or we could even work out some sort of Photoshop tutoring if you'd rather learn how to do stuff yourself. ;) Just contact me first if your wish is very unusual, to see if I can do it.

If that's not your cup of tea, there are more than 100 other awesome hos offering whatever you can wish for, all in the name of charity! \o/

P.S. New icons and possibly more tutorials coming once real life stops being crazy.
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Tutorials: The Mighty Boosh [05 Mar 2008|10:46pm]

rawkenr0ll wanted tutorials, so here are two, done while I was supposed to do other things, ahem. There might be more on the weekend, because I like doing this.

Tutorial 1 - Grey People and Coloured Textures

From to

In five stepsCollapse )

Tutorial 2 - Kind of Collage-y

From to

In four stepsCollapse )

Hope this was helpful, let me know if anything is unclear. Also, feel free to request tutorials at any time, they're fun to make.
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Icons - The Mighty Boosh [03 Mar 2008|10:07pm]

There was supposed to be more here, but I'm busy with the job search and don't see myself finishing more soon, so here you go.

12 x The Mighty Boosh, 1 x Russell BrandCollapse )

And that's it for today. :)
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Icons - Various FBR bands + MCR + MSI + Sounds [12 Feb 2008|11:47am]

One day, refche of sushicolour and me decided to icon-battle. We kind of picked bit and pieces from other "battles" we'd seen and made our own rules from them: Each of us picked seven pics, left five full-sized and cropped two. Then we exchanged our picks and made icons from all of them. And these are the results:

60 icons all in all!Collapse )

There are Mighty Boosh icons in the making, but due to real life being busy I'm not quite done yet. Expect them some time during the weekend or early next week. :)
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